OURSUS activities at the Beijing Congress

Report about the OURSUS activities and debates in Beijing; and Plan for the near future.

On 18 August OURSUS Chair Ton Dietz and OURSUS secretary Qiu Li participated in the jury of the poster competition of the iGEO Olympiad and selected the best posters out of 45 country posters highlighting one or more sustainable city […]

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IGU Vice-President awarded the 2013 Volvo Environment Prize

Chinese glaciologist and climate scientist and IGU Vice-President Dr. Qin Dahe has been awarded this year’s Volvo Environment Prize. The award winner is a key contributor to the fifth assessment report from the UN climate panel (IPPC), whose first section, the “Physical Science Basis”, was released in September. He attracted wide attention last year […]

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The next GLOBILITY COMMISSION conference, Rome September 23, will be broadcast on Streaming Live.

The streaming will be from the following Sapienza University Web Site http://digilab.uniroma1.it/

You’ll find the Globility Logo on the left side of the cover page which will take you to the live streaming local time in Rome on the morning of 23 September.

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IGU Elections 2012: Call for nominations now open

The call for nominations for positions on the International Geographical Union Executive Committee is now open The need for nominations and for the election that will be held at the 2012 IGU General Assembly in Cologne arises as a result of the completion of terms of office by several current members. The status of […]

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New maps available from the Association of Japanese Geographers

A team of geographers led by Professor Yasuhiro Suzuki of Nagoya

University mapped the tsunami front (red line) and the areas of

severest damage (blue coloured) on 1:25,000 topographic maps, as

you see at:


Provision of GIS-based maps is also underway.

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More eyewitness news from IGU Vice-President Himiyama

Dear All,

For many people in the world, the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster in Northeast Japan fortnight ago may be the incidence of the past. Even in Japan, articles on it occupy less and less space in newspapers day by day. However, I believe the situation is still very serious, or is becoming even more serious. Here […]

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Interplate megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis along Japan Trench offshore Northeast Japan

An extract from Professor Koji Okumura’s (Hiroshima University) report on the recent earthquake & tsunami:

A M 9.0 (JMA: Japan Meteorology Agency) or Mw 8.9 (U.S. Geologcial Survey) gigantic earthquake occurred at 11:46 AM (JST) on March 11, 2011 on the interplate megathrust interface between Northeast Japan and Pacific Ocean. The seismogenic fault plane 500 km long […]

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New Book – Geography of Latin America

Here is some information on a new book from Juan Paulo Ramírez, Ph.D. Faculty Geography and GIScience, University of Nebraska.

Geography of Latin America: A Geographic Information Systems Approach depicts the most relevant human and physical features of Latin America. Environmental threats that some ecosystems are experiencing, including contentious issues such as illegal immigration and indigenous rights, are […]

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Apply for grants of the Russian Geographical Society

Deadline for 2011 grant applications submission – February 25, 2011
In accordance with the Russian Geographical Society’s Development Strategy for 2011-2015, adopted at the 14th Congress of the Russian Geographical Society, priority will be given to grant applications in the following fields:

Sustainable development of Russian territories;
Preservation of Russia’s ethnographical and cultural heritage;
Expeditions and travel projects, complying with […]

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Feature website: Geography in the news

Providing direct support for your students through topical case studies, links to academic research and lectures, plus much more…try it out at: http://www.geographyinthenews.rgs.org

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