IGU Commissions & Task Forces

Commissions and Task Forces are research bodies of the IGU that cover a very wide range of research topics within the discipline of Geography.

The  IGU  Statues  includes  a  whole  section  which  is  concerned  with  the Commissions. These are the key points:

Paragraph VI, A

Background goals — Commissions shall be established for the

study of a specific problem or for the accomplishment of a task which requires international collaboration.

Paragraph VI, A

The mission — Commissions shall promote individual and group

research work, encourage the exchange of relevant documents and information, and organize conferences, meetings and, where appropriate, field excursions, both between Congresses and during International Geographical Congresses.

Paragraph VI, B

The establishment proposal — The establishment of a new Commission may be proposed by a member country or by the Executive Committee.

Paragraph V, H, 6

The approval of proposal — The approval of Commissions to examine defined geographical problems.

Paragraph VI, D

The management fulcrum — A Commission shall consist of a Chair and a Steering Committee normally consisting of not more than ten other members.

Paragraph VI, I

Reporting — Each Commission shall prepare a concise report on

its work which should be submitted to the Secretary-General for the Executive Committee at least nine months before the next ordinary meeting of the General Assembly.

Task Forces are established from time to time to pursue specific objectives of the IGU.  It is specified that the IGU Executive Committee may decide about «the establishment of special or temporary committees or task forces for particular tasks». In short, the Commissions and Task Forces differ essentially because the Commission carries out investigations on an extended subject area, while the Task Force is established to pursue a specific objective, which may be concerned with research, education or other purposes.  The proposal for the establishment of a Commission is to be addressed to the Secretary-General. In principle, the proposal for the establishment of a Task Force does not need such a process because it may arise during the EC meeting discussions.

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