IGU National Committees

Affiliation to the IGU by nations is organised in two categories; full members and associate members. Corporate membership is also possible, but individual corresponding membership was discontinued some time ago. As an individual, you can participate in IGU activities through the Commissions (see section on IGU Commissions and Task Forces).

According to the IGU Statutes, membership categories are regulated by the following provisions:

Full Membership

Paragraph II, C

A Committee for the IGU, fully representative of geographers,
shall be formed in each of the countries belonging to the

Union. Paragraph II, B

All applications for membership shall be made to the
Secretary-General, considered by the Executive Committee, and
decided by the General Assembly.

Paragraph II, D

The Committees for the IGU shall promote the objects of the Union in their respective countries with specific reference to international aspects. They shall diffuse information from the Executive Committee to the geographers in their country and report every four years to the Executive Committee about their activities and the state of geography in their country. The Committees for the IGU shall nominate delegates to represent them at meetings of the Union. Each Committee for the IGU, either singly or jointly with one or more other Committees for the IGU, has the right to submit to the Union, for discussion, questions within the objectives of the Union

Associate Membership

Paragraph II, E

If the development of geographical studies or the number of geographers is insufficient to make possible the formation of a Committee for the IGU

[…], any group of three or more persons may constitute themselves a Committee and apply for associate membership.

Paragraph II, E

The Executive Committee of the Union may submit to the General Assembly recommendations for the acceptance or the continuance of associate membership or for transfer of associate members to ordinary membership.

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