Deadline for 2011 grant applications submission – February 25, 2011
In accordance with the Russian Geographical Society’s Development Strategy for 2011-2015, adopted at the 14th Congress of the Russian Geographical Society, priority will be given to grant applications in the following fields:
  • Sustainable development of Russian territories;
  • Preservation of Russia’s ethnographical and cultural heritage;
  • Expeditions and travel projects, complying with the Russian Geographical Society’s aims and objectives;
  • Environment and conservation in Russia;
  • Support to and promotion of geographical science and research in Russia;
  • Eco-geographical education and outreach in Russia;
  • History, geography and culture of Russian regions;
  • Youth-oriented eco-geographical projects;
  • Innovative technology for geographical research.
Applications should be submitted to the Russian Geographical Society’s Executive Directorate at
The Society will consider proposals that meet the following requirements:
  • The grant’s title must be concise, eye-catching, memorable and convey the essence of the project;
  • The proposal must:
  • – Provide a detailed description of the project;
  • – Demonstrate the timeliness and significance of the project;
  • – Clearly outline the expected results;
  • – Prove the project’s attractiveness.
  • Applications for expedition grants must provide information on the expedition duration, route and goals, as well as contain profiles of the expedition team members;
  • The Russian Geographical Society’s 2011 grant programme will provide one-time support to relevant projects. Applications for long-term projects will be considered separately.
For more information, please contact the Russian Geographical Society’s Executive Directorate at or by telephone: 8 (800) 700-1845 (calls from Russia); +7-495-933-5055 (international calls).  Also you can visit their website here.
Download the application form here.