At the closing ceremony of the 33rd International Geographical Congress, Professor Carl Folke was awarded the IGU’s most prestigious Planet and Humanity Medal.  Previous recipients have included Al Gore and Nelson Mandela.  Professor Carl Folke, of the University of Stockholm and the Beijer Institute, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, has made an outstanding contribution to science and action on the resilience of humanity and the planet. Through his committed engagement to transdisciplinary research, he has been a pioneer on understanding resilience as progress that serves the betterment of humanity. Carl Folke stands out for his scientific insight, compassion, humour, and optimism, and for fostering greater trust between science and society. He has mentored and acted as a role model for peers and students, demonstrating every day and in diverse ways how science can be a powerful means for reconnecting humanity to the biosphere. He is a richly deserving recipient of the highest honour of the International Geographical Union: the IGU Planet and Humanity Medal.