A friendly reminder that the nomination deadline for the 2020 WDS Data Stewardship Award is just two weeks away! Please consider nominating a deserving early career researcher such that their achievements in improving scientific data stewardship can be recognized and celebrated by the community. Nominations are open to any scientific organization, group, body, union, or similar. Visit here for more information, and send your nomination in PDF or Word format to the WDS International Programme Office (ipo@worlddatasystem.org) no later than 23:59 UTC on Friday, 30 October 2020.

We would also like to bring your attention that the 2020 edition of the WDS Members’ Forum was recently held online as part of the WDS-supported international symposium ‘Global Collaboration on Data Beyond Disciplines’ (23–25 September 2020). The Forum attracted around 240 registrants, including almost 100 WDS Member Representatives.

We are pleased to announce that videos of the 2020 WDS Members’ Forum and pre-recorded lightning talks submitted by WDS Members are now available on the WDS YouTube channel for everyone to view and as a permanent resource. We strongly encourage you to look through the WDS Members’ lightning talks, they really are impressive! They are of very high quality and contain a wealth of information. We hope you find them of interest.