The next EUROGEO geography conference will take place in Bruges. You will be joined by fellow geographers not only from Europe but from all over the world.



Conference details

For those of you arriving on time the conference starts on Wednesday evening 8 May with a reception, offered by the city of Bruges. The conference itself takes from Thursday 9 May till Saturday 11 May at noon.

Find out more about the conference on our website page.

In next newsletters you will get more information on the themes and participants.


Hotel offers

We arranged special prices for participants to the conference. But don’t wait to long to book your rooms. The conference takes place during one of the busiest weeks in Bruges so hotels will all be fully booked!

Find out more about the conference on our website page.


Sightseeing Bruges

We provide during the conference time to visit Bruges on Thursday afternoon, but you might of course want to see the Holy Blood Procession, world heritage.

More information about Bruges on the official website.

Find out more about the Holy Blood procession on this site.


Field trip on Saturday afternoon

On Saturday afternoon an optional fieldtrip takes you to the historic Zwin area, formerly know as the “Sincfal”. This was in medieval times the natural access to the sea for Bruges. By embankments and siltation this inlet almost completely disappeared but the traces in the landscape are still clearly visible.

More info about this region on this website.


iGuess course for European (geography) teachers

The iGuess Project created a teacher training course on spatial thinking, for the integration of GIS in several subjects. This Comenius/Grindtvig course is the product of iGuess 1 and iGuess 2 Projects.

The third iGuess training course was validated by the European Commission and will take place between May 5 and May 12th 2013 in Bruges, Belgium. The course is published in the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database.

European teachers can apply for a grant to take part at this training – including free access to the conference.

Applications must be done before 14 January via the national Comenius agency.

Find out all needed info on our website.