IGU Regional Conferences

The IGU hosts a Regional Conference every four years usually held two years after the last Congress (although for a while they were more frequent). Regional Conferences are major IGU events, albeit usually smaller in scale than the Congress (and with no associated General Assembly) and are organized with a view to promoting the discipline within a particular region. The procedure for issuing an invitation to host a Regional Conference is much the same as that for a Congress and the acceptance of an invitation is also by vote of the General Assembly.

IGU Regional Conferences have been held recently as follows:

2002: Durban, South Africa

2006: Brisbane, Australia

2010: Tel Aviv, Israel

2011: Santiago, Chile

2013: Kyoto, Japan

2014: Krakow, Poland

2015: Moscow, Russia

2018: Québec, Canada

Bids to host the 2026 IGU Regional Conference are currently open, contact the IGU Secretary-General for further information.