GeoNight  2021 – what a great result!

Here are some first data extracted from the Geonight international website:


In the GeoNight week (April 3-9), the website had 63557 events (in this regard “events” are page views, downloads etc.). This is NOT the same as the number of event participants (it may be very different, because info about events circulated not only via the International GeoNight website, and this number is cumulated in the entire week), although it is an indication of the reach of the event.  Geonight had connections from 1023 cities (of every dimension) all across the world!  Here is a map of countries that connected in the GeoNight week (April 3-9).  .

And individual cities are shown here..

Thanks to all the local organizers and those who participated, especially Alexis Alamel, Zoltan Kovaks, Antoine le Blanc, Nathalie Lemarchand, and Massimiliano Tabusi with the “cyberspace geographers support group”: Sara Carallo, Arturo Gallia, Sara Nocco.

We look forward to even bigger and better event next year!