Ever since the presentation of the Cologne plans for hosting the IGC 2012 in Glasgow 2004 we have used the ‘marathon’ metaphor to describe the feelings, the efforts, and the joys that were – and still are – triggered by this endeavour.

Fewer than six weeks from IGC Cologne, we have entered the final leg, really looking forward to welcoming considerably more than 2,000 delegates from all over the world.

Our LOC team of youngsters and young researchers of the Cologne University Geography Department, however, wanted to send a clear signal that they are in good shape and ready to tackle remaining tasks and challenges: On June 20 they competed very successfully in a University of Cologne run as an IGC team, thus significantly increasing attention to our congress among a broader university public – and to have fun themselves, of course.

Welcome to the IGC Cologne 2012!

The Local Organizing Committee

Marathon IGC 2012