The IGU Commissions Excellence Award Committee unanimously nominates the Commission “Geography of Governance” for the IGU Commissions Excellence Award 2020.

The Commission “Geography of Governance” is very active and highly productive. It participates consistently in IGU Congresses and Conferences, organizing successful sessions on processes of governance worldwide. The Commission is exceptionally active, has a strong tradition of collaboration with IGU Commissions as well as organisations outside IGU. The Commission collaborated in 2020 with several IGU Commissions in the Thematic Conference on Geographies of Heritage, in Lecce (the thematic conference was later postponed to 2021, because of the Covid emergence). The Commission has developed a diverse way of communication, internally and externally, through its website, newsletter and email list. The Commission has been also successful in publishing, producing a relevant list of titles, authored or edited by members of the Steering Committee.

Moreover, the Commission launched, on 25 March 2020, a collaborative Action Plan and research project focused on the “Local Government response towards the COVID-19 Pandemic” (see, an initiative of great importance for knowledge and research on public action to spatial reorganisation and disaster containment.

The IGU Commissions Excellence Award Committee commends the Commission “Geography of Governance” for its excellent work.