The International Year of Global Understanding is now completely underway!

The Opening Ceremony was a great success and went very well. It was well attended and received, with participants traveling countries as far away and as diverse as from Australia, to Mali, India to the USA, and luckily enough all managed to arrive home safely. Attendees were able to listen to interesting keynote speeches and witness first-hand this declaration of cooperation from the three umbrella organizations backing the IGYU.

The Opening Ceremony was recorded and is now online. Those who were not able to attend the ceremony are now able to access it via the IGYU website, and also via our YouTube channel.

In addition to these videos, we shall also be uploading the PowerPoint presentations, as they were highly informative, and photos from the event.

Planning and further activities are underway with the Regional Action Centers, as well as the global story map competition, the integration of arts and music into the IYGU activities, the production of a special IYGU movie etc. I will report about these activities in greater detail in mid-March, in the next newsletter.

The cooperation agreement with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is ready to sign. This is – thanks to Inguelore Scheunemann’s enormous effort – a major breakthrough in the IYGU’s outreach activities.

The IYGU Springer Briefs open access publications are on the way. The contracts are ready to sign as well. We hope to have the first three ready in Spring.

During several discussions held during the Opening Ceremony, it was suggested that we work towards continuing the IYGU, turning it into a decade for Global Understanding. We will explore the potential behind these suggestions in the upcoming weeks.

As they are confirmed, events will be entered into the IGYU website calendar so that participants around the globe will be able to easily identify events in their regions and take part. Additionally, more RACs have successfully established their own websites, websites that provide and disseminate even more information to a wider audience. These websites will also be linked to the IGYU site, for all those interested and looking for inspiration.

When communicating, please always ‘cc’ the IYGU email address.