New International Geographical Union (IGU) peer-reviewed Journal “Geography and Sustainability” (published by Elsevier) will be the official publication of the IGU commission on Geography for Future Earth. Academician and IGU Vice-President Prof. Bojie Fu is the editor-in-chief. For detailed format guidance, please visit http://igu-gfe.org/author-guidance-forgeography-and-sustainability/

This is the IGU’s extensive list of Geography or Geography-related journals of the world. You can search by country, journal name, key word or other attributes.

The database is periodically updated but if you have new journals to add or would like to update the entry for any journal, please contact IGU via the Secretary-General at rbsgeo@hotmail.com.

The database was compiled initially by the University of Amsterdam. A recent analysis of publication practices in Geography may be found here

In listing titles in this database, IGU is in no way endorsing the contents therein, which remain entirely the responsibility of the editors of the journals in question. Users are alerted to the problem of so-called ‘predatory’ journals and are directed to
Beall’s list of Predatory Journals and Publishers to check credibility of the entries.

A critical analysis of publication practices in Geography, and their associated challenges, may be found here