The widely used QEN Paleovegetation Atlas has existed for more than 20 years, but its maps were in a simple JPEG form, not in GIS form. This has limited their use for modelling in biogeography, archaeology and climate modelling.

Thanks to funding generously provided by the School of Geography and Oceanography of Nanjing University, the original maps have been redrawn in a downloadable GIS format. These maps are now available online at the following link, hosted through the School of Geography at the University of Cape Town at:
The maps posted here are essentially the same maps as on the original QEN site, redrawn into a more practically useful format. They are intended as the first of a series of editions, to be updated with added data layers and comments/advice from the global Quaternary community. It is hoped that they can eventually become an interactive ‘wiki’ resource that can be edited by all members of the Quaternary community.

Your suggestions for improving the maps are always welcome! If you have any advice for their improvement, please email the editor, Prof Jonathan Adams, at Nanjing University: and