Other organizations

National and Regional Geographical Associations and Societies

American Association of Geographers (AAG) http://www.aag.org/

Geographical Society of China (GSC) http://www.gsc.org.cn/gsc/index.html

Institute of Australian Geographers https://www.iag.org.au/

IYBSSD: https://www.iybssd2022.org/en/home/

National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI) https://sites.google.com/view/nagiorgin/home

New Zealand Geographical Society https://www.nzgs.co.nz/

Royal Geographical Society (RGS) https://www.rgs.org/

Royal Geographical Society of South Australia https://rgssa.org.au/

Russian Geographical Society (RGS) https://www.rgo.ru/en

Société française de Géographie  https://socgeo.com/

Society of South African Geographers https://www.ssag.co.za/

Standing Committee for Gender Equality in Science (SCGES) https://gender-equality-in-science.org/

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