IGU also supports the project of making the site on cities’ sustainable development created in 2010 on the initiative of Dutch and Chinese geographers the world centre of information and certification working under the sponsorship of IGU. This project is based on the idea that despite their different sizes, location and functions all cities are facing similar challenges in terms of sustainable features, such as green R&D, environment-friendly consumption, green campaigns, challenges, and education, etc. In 2013 the project had a full double Internet infrastructure, in English and Chinese (www.oursus.org and zh.oursus.org).

There were numerous cities presented on its website and many academics and professionals made use of it, albeit still mainly from China. It is expected that the project will reach full maturity in 2016 towards the IGU Congress in Beijing. It should have a wide and internationally balanced representation of both cities and users. It is necessary to mobilize geographical communities in many countries and to create national centres of the project.

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