Geography is exploration. Explore Polar regions through film, The Blinding Sea, which is premiering later this week at Scandinavia House, the headquarters of the American-Scandinavian Foundation in New York City. The International Geographical Union is invited to participate.

The Blinding Sea is a high-definition feature-length documentary film, 108 minutes long, which was shot across Alaska, the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, on the Beaufort Sea and the Southern Ocean, in Antarctica and a few other places. It recounts the career and decision-making style of Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen (1872-1928), who was the first to navigate through the Northwest Passage and to reach the South Pole.

This film offers many insights into Amundsen’s life; the sharing of knowledge between cultures; the role of Aboriginals in polar exploration; evidence-based nutrition, health and management; and the art of biography.

The Blinding Sea recently won awards for Best Documentary Feature of the Year at the Toronto Independent Film Festival, and Best First Documentary at the Montreal Independent Film Festival.

The American-Scandinavian Foundation is streaming the film as part of a week-long virtual event from Friday, October 9th to Thursday, October 15th:

As part of this virtual event, I am giving a Zoom conference on Tuesday, October 13th at 7 pm ET.

You may wish to review the film trailer:

George Tombs, MA PhD for this great work.