The Second International Conference of the International Geographical Union (IGU)
Commission on Agricultural Geography and Land Engineering (AGLE) was held in
Jönköping, Sweden, October 17-19, 2018. Scholars from Sweden, China, France,
Holland, UK and Australia gathered and shared with their studies in the fields of
sustainable rural development and land use.

The conference “Policy, research and development trends for rural revitalization in a
Post-Rural World” aims at analyzing rural development trends and investigate the
relationship between rural transformation and land use with a critical assessment of
current rural policies. This conference is the second conference of the IGU
Commission on Agricultural Geography and Land Engineering which was formally
established in late 2016.

During the conference, the executive committee meeting of the IGU-AGLE
commission was also held to discuss the commission activities in the future. The
newly elected vice president of IGU, Prof. Bojie Fu joined the meeting and gave
advices to the committee members to pursue a better commission development.