The close of the Krakow conference last week saw three IGU Vice-Presidents step down after six years of loyal service.  Professors Giuliano Bellezza and Aharon Kellerman and Academician Qin Dahe said farewell to the IGU Executive Committee.  Professor Yukio Himiyama was re-elected for the period 2014-18, as was incumbent Secretary-General and Treasure, Mike Meadows.  The three new Vice-Presidents who will serve until after the 2018 Regional Conference are: Professor Elena dell’Agnese from the University of Milano Biccoca (Italy), Professor Iain Hay from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia and Academician Zhou Chenghu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.  All three are well-known and highly productive geographers and hope to continue to develop the mission of the International Geographical Union.  The first meeting of the newly constituted Executive Committee takes place in Cape Town this coming December.