As the world begins to gather in its continuing efforts to tackle the climate and nature crises, the global geography community, co-ordinated by the IGU, the Scottish Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Geographical Society, and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, is calling on world leaders to redouble their efforts and place the protection of nature and a liveable climate at the centre of the world’s economics and politics.  The global community of geographers have released a joint declaration in Geography is highlighted as a discipline uniquely located at the intersection of the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities that equips geographers as to think systematically an across disciplines.  It is furthermore an applied knowledge, focused above all on the state of our planet and our relationships with it. All of this makes the learning, teaching, and practice of geography centrally relevant to the closely-linked challenges of the global climate and biodiversity crises.  79 global geography societies and organizations from 58 countries endorsed a common declaration of the need for action on the climate and nature crises.

Key politicians and role-players are gathering to discuss the global biodiversity crisis and the global climate crisis.  Beginning virtually, the 15th conference of the 196 national parties to United Nation Convention on Biological Diversity has already convened in Kunming, China (October 11-15, 2021), and will come together again there from April 25-May 8, 2022, to help address the global biodiversity crisis.  The 26th conference of the 197 national parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are meeting soon in Glasgow, Scotland, to tackle the climate crisis.

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